Beyond Buds by Ed Rosenthal Book Review

We are really excited about the new book from Ed Rosenthal that is about to come out from Quick Trade Publishing. Beyond Buds is destined to be the gold standard for educating the populace on marijuana extracts such as hash oil, budder, shatter, and waxes. There is a lot of miseducation and misunderstanding surrounding the dab culture and this book attacks all the angles with alacrity and a compassionate eye befitting the medical classification of marijuana and its related byproducts.

For the first time in print, Rosenthal has partnered with contributor David Downs, the world’s foremost cannabis journalist, to produce a work of non-fiction that goes in depth into all aspects of the emerging concentrate community: from hand held vaporizers to glass rigs to tinctures, edibles, and of course, the process of ensuring safe, clean CO2 and BHO extractions. Ed Rosenthal is a marijuana icon for a reason. Actually a number of reasons. He was a High Times columnist during the 80′s and 90′s and is a professor at Oaksterdam University in Oakland, CA, the world’s first cannabis education institute; he was actually deputized by the city of Oakland to grow cannabis in 2002, but the grow resulted in his arrest by federal agents who at the time did not recognize the authority of states to regulate the use and cultivation of medical marijuana.

Ed Rosenthal, Jane Klein, and Justine Rosenthal We got to obtain an advance copy and we’re so excited about this book. Not only does Rosenthal expand on the work he did in Ask Ed: Marijuana Gold – Trash to Stash, but it provides a thorough and in-depth examination of the current trends in the cannabis industry. With Trash to Stash, Rosenthal showed growers how to get additional value out of their leaves and trim by turning them into THC treats. In Beyond Buds, Rosenthal does that and more for anyone who wants to increase their profit margin and make the most of their grow of vapors.

Now that prohibition is going the way of the buffalo, engineers are piling into this space like tattoo artists into a Motley Crue show and a lot of people are doing it absolutely incorrectly. If you’re looking to make marijuana extracts, YouTube just isn’t enough. For a thorough breakdown of the extraction process that goes step-by-step through preparation, execution, and packaging, this is the guide book for you.