Portable Vaporizers 2014

Portable Vaporizers 2014

There have been many releases onto the portable vaporizer market in 2014, but here is a look at some of the top portable vaporizers that were released.

Portable Vaporizers 2014

The Ascent

The Ascent is by DaVinci and was one of the most highly anticipated vaporizers. This portable vaporizer has a high quality feel to it with an all glass pathway, digital display and an amazing temperature range considering it is a portable vaporizer. All this comes in a small package. The standout feature of the Ascent is the glass pathway that is safe and doesn’t break when it is in transit.

The Solo

The Arizer Solo is an amazing portable vaporizer that produces vapour quality that is amazing. When it comes to the smoothness and the purity of flavour, this portable vaporizer is a stand out. This vaporizer is built from high quality and durable materials making it a reliable vaporizer to take around.

Zeus Thunder

The Zeus Thunder is a 3 in 1 unit that is able to handle oils, waxes and dry matter. Other stand out features of this portable vaporizer is that it is small, a good battery life and a sleek look to it. The unit comes with the standard oil, wax and dry matter tank, but you are able to upgrade this to the pro wax and pro oil tank that will give you a better experience.


The Haze is the first unit to hit the market that has a dual bowl system which means that you are able to switch between the bowls with ease. The portability of this vaporizer is improved with the ability to switch from a dead battery to a fresh one whilst you are the go. The shape of this vaporizer is like that of a flask meaning that it can sit in your pocket more comfortably. The users also have the option of either a glass or a stainless steel mouthpiece, which can be switched and also retracts into the unit to protect it.


The Pax is a stylish portable vaporizer that features a retractable mouthpiece which is also the unit’s main power switch. The main feature of the Pax is that the screen is so fine that you are not able to see through the holes, which means that every draw delivers nothing but pure vapor.

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