Read Before You Buy Vaporizers!

Information on vaporizers is freely available to anyone who wants it. For the critics of vaping to say that there is not enough information about the products out there is to be disingenuous. From portable vaporizers companies to trade groups to consumer groups, the information flows uninhibited all across the Internet.
Information on Electronic Cigarettes Not Hidden
Whenever there is a news article expressing reservations over e-cigarettes and vaping, there is usually some alluding to the myth that ‘we just don’t know what’s in them’. This supposed lack of information is used as justification to say vaping should be regulated. Nevertheless, here’s the thing: information on electronic cigarettes is not hidden at all. With just a few minutes of your time, you can use the Internet to find information about:
the ingredients in a typical e-liquid
the known components in e-cigarette vapor
e-cigarettes and cytotoxicity
users who have cut down on tobacco or eliminated it completely.
It’s not as though manufacturers and advocacy groups are keeping the information secretly hidden away. It is there for everyone to see, including those who might use it against the industry. Information
Regarding Clinical Data
If you are looking for information on electronic cigarettes, a good place to start is with clinical data. After all, don’t most of the arguments surrounding electronic cigarettes have to do with safety and efficacy? Clinical data addresses both of those issues. A good place to find comprehensive clinical data is the website of the Smoke-Free Alternatives Trade Association (SFATA). They offer links to a number of different studies covering everything from the efficacy of e-cigarettes for smoking cessation and promoting vaping as a harm reduction strategy. It must be noted that, despite criticisms, there has yet to be any ‘substantial evidence’ to corroborate claims that e-cigarettes are dangerous to human health. That evidence may surface in the future, but does not yet exist at this time. Pretending it does is dishonest.
Regulatory Information
In addition to clinical data and information about how e-cigarettes work, vapers should take the time to stay up to date with regulatory information. The recent announcement by the MHRA, detailing their plans to regulate e-cigarettes as medicines, shows the need to stay informed. You can find links to regulatory information and news at the website of the Tobacco Vaper Electronic Cigarette Association (TVECA). This American organization advocates for e-cig users in the United States, but they keep abreast of what’s going on around the world. If it’s in the news, the TVECA pretty much covers it.
Don’t Forget Vaping Forums
Of course, no amount of information on electronic cigarettes would be complete without input from real users. That’s where electronic cigarette forums are invaluable. These forums provide a place for real vapers to tell their stories, make product recommendations, ask questions, and seek advice. In fact, many of today’s state-of-the-art e-cigarette devices owe some of their success to these forums. The best part about them is that real people leave the comments. It isn’t information put together by politicians, industry executives or advocates on either side of the vaping issue. Information comes directly from vapers like you, making it extremely valuable to regular readers.