The best vaporizers in the market

Vaporizers are devices that guarantee a good time when smoking weed. Nowadays we have vape pens that are capable of cooking both flowers and concentrates. Note that smoking is out while vaping is in. Researchers have also released herbal vaporizers to the market as a way of reducing the inhaling of carcinogen-laden smoke. Weed vapes are also getting smaller and lighter, making them easily portable. Herbal vaporizer pens are slowly becoming popular and are giving market leaders like the Pax and Firefly a run for their money. I know for a fact that the process of buying vaporizers for weed is tiresome as there are 1001 weed vaporizers to choose from. To make this process a walk in the park for you we’ve compiled a list of 9 of the best vape pens available at both local and online vape stores:


It is one of the best-selling vaporizers available and costs $400. It ranks among the vapor pens with the best vape flavors. Dabber Switch is a very efficient device.

Why Dabber Switch made our list

The Dabber Switch has a vast size when fully assembled the device measures over a foot tall and 4 inches wide. In short, it is not a portable vaporizer. This large size comes as a surprise to many vape enthusiasts. Many users forget about its size when they put it to the test. The device blows their minds away. Interestingly this device neither uses conduction nor convection as a method of heating. Instead, the device cooks weed through the process of induction.

The Dabber Switch has two inbuilt cups. One for both wax and concentrates and another for flowers. The cups are heated through induction resulting in the best quality vapor imaginable. The device is also fitted with a bubbler attachment that filters the vapor thus producing clean and smooth hits. The Dabber Switch is also equipped with a self-cleaning feature that lessens the need for one to clean the rig every time the device is used.

Many folks are quick to judge this beast due to its massive size. Note that a lot of this device’s size is due to its massive battery. One charge of the Dabber’s battery can last up to 150 uses. I can confidently say that no other device up to date has that kind of battery life.




The Haze Square Pro is regarded by many in the vape industry as the best of both worlds. If you’re looking to invite your friends over for a smoke frequently then this is the best vape for you. It handles both flower and concentrates well. The device goes for $190 in online vape stores.


Why the Haze Square Pro made our list


Haze technologies are known for their hand in making some of the best portable vaporizers. The Square pro is one of their creations that can store up to four different pods of concentrates and flower.  The device comes with a unique heating system that takes a while for users to comprehend. When in use, the button side of the vape must face downwards so that the four pods heat correctly. Users also fancy this device as it comes with a computer app that can be used to customize heating temperatures. It is one of the best vaporizers in its price range and makes the list of the best cheap vape pens.



It is regarded by many in the vape industry as the best weed vaporizer for flavor. No other vape can compare to the taste that this vaporizer produces. It is thus recommended for flavor fanatics who crave a solid performing pen vape. It retails for $230.


Why the Zeus Arc Gt makes our list

The device is designed and made by Canadians. What makes the Zeus Arc Gt unique is the fact that it uses an all gold chamber and vapor path. Canadian manufacturers have claimed that gold is the reason why the device produces some of the best flavors. Our research has also shown that this could be the reason why the device takes centuries to heat up. We are going to let this slide since this dry herb vaporizer produces incredible flavors.

Not only is the quality of the flavor impressive but also is the amount of vapor the device produces from the first hit. The flavor of the dry herb or flower used tends to stick around for a much more extended period when this device is used.




It is the best vaporizer for discreetness. MICRO is a smaller version of its parent, the IQ. Note that there is no reduction in performance between the two devices. The MICRO can be considered as the best dry herb vaporizer and goes for around $150.

Why DaVinci Micro made our list

Am sure that many folks loved the DaVinci IQ due to its over the chart performance. However, most users were not thrilled with the IQ’s size that made it unwieldy. In 2018, the manufacturers of the IQ made the MICRO, which is much smaller when compared to its predecessor. To achieve this, the manufacturers had to lose both the LEDs at the front and the large vape pen battery capacity of the IQ.

The smaller size of the MICRO helps in getting a tighter seal around the device, which makes it possible to inhale more significant clouds without having to use the mouthpiece. The MICRO also uses removable batteries, making it perfect for outdoor users. The MICRO’s air path is made out of zirconium ceramic. It also comes pre-installed with the great DaVinci app which works the same as it did with the IQ.

Compared to its cousin the IQ, the MICRO has a shorter battery life and would not be advisable to use for a long session with friends. It is perfect for short private sessions due to its smaller profile and the fact that it can easily fit in one’s hand.


  1. PAX 3

The Pax 3 has been voted by many as the best app-controlled weed vape pen. The device heats up very fast, has an impressive design and a mind-blowing app. It is recommended for the techier herbal vaper and costs around $200.

Why Pax 3 made our list

Pax 3 is very old in the industry. Its manufacturers have had enough time to make the necessary changes to the device. The Pax 3 comes second after the DaVinci MIQRO in terms of discreetness. The Pax 3’s oven heats up in less than 20 seconds. Once the weed has vaporized, a solid vapor is produced. The device’s design makes it worth holding.

Pax 3 also comes with an easy to use pre-installed app. People that reside in legal cannabis states can also purchase the Pax Era, (the firm’s proprietary pod cartridge system) and use the same app. A unique feature about the Pax 3 is its 10-year warranty. If you are looking to buy a vaporizer that is guaranteed to last for a very long time, then the Pax 3 is the device for you. The equipment will cost a fortune.

However, if you want to buy the device at a cheaper cost ($200), you can go for the device only option. Note that you will lose the required parts for concentrate support, you won’t have any tools for cleaning the equipment, and will be forced to fill the dry herb chamber for it to function altogether.



The Grenco g pen vaporizer is one of the best cheap vape pens and is recommended to budget buyers. Many users underestimate it because of its price, but what they don’t know is that it performs very well. It is specially designed for dry herb and flower vapers that don’t require concentrate support. Buy vape pen online for only $120.

Why the GPen Elite makes our list

The device has slowly won our hearts through its significant oven chamber and impressive vapor production. Its user-friendly interphase makes it very easy to use. It also heats up reasonably quickly. Various tests have confirmed that the device vaporizes herb correctly. One of the disadvantages of this device is the fact that its mouthpiece introduces some rubbery taste, thus affecting the flavor of the flower. Another problem is the poor quality of its building material. However, the two factors are not deal killers because of the Gpen’s low price.


The Kandypens Lite was voted as the best pen vaporizer for concentrates. If you don’t require flower support, then this is the device for you. It is also recommended for weed enthusiasts looking for both discreteness and power. The device features a good battery life and an above average vapor production. Buy vape pen online for $140 from Vapornation.


Why the Kandypens Elite made our list

The Kandypens Elite takes the top spot for a concentrate pen because of its high performance and equally robust design and construction. The vape pen also comes with two different coils. One of the reels is ceramic-lined with a ceramic plate heater at the base while the other is quartz-lined with dual quartz rods. It comes fitted with a quartz atomizer and four different heat settings that make vapor production superb. It has an above average battery life.


  1. FIREFLY 2

If cash is not an object to you, then the Firefly 2 is a vaporizer for you. The device is known for having the best vapor production and is also compatible with wax. You can buy this vape pen online for $330 from Planet of The Vapes.

Why Firefly 2 made our list

The device fights off competition from the DaVinci IQ to fill this spot. Firefly 2 builds from its predecessor. It has a heat up time of 5 seconds. No need to get worried when the device is out of charge as it only takes 45 minutes to recharge. It is tailored for individuals that prefer concentrates over the flower. Its 5-second heat up time makes this possible, and also makes it a versatile device. Compared to the Pax 3 and the IQ it is a bit larger. Those searching for a vaporizer that can offer discreteness are advised to look elsewhere.

In addition to all these features, the device comes with an app that users can use to manipulate the temperature to their liking.



As the name suggests, the hydrology 9 is the best water filtration vaporizer. The device also makes the list of the best water pipes for sale. Users who are always obsessing about wanting the cleanest hits are advised to purchase the Hydrology 9. Buy vaporizer online now for $249 from Vapornation.

Why Hydrology 9 made our list

Many users are quick to judge this device because of the way it looks. But jokes on them as the machine works well-giving users the cleanest puffs possible. To achieve these fresh puffs, the device filters all impurities while still providing what its users crave. Its larger chamber and long-lasting battery life make it ideal for groups. Its LED lights are somewhat sophomoric. It also leaks when it’s placed in an upside down production during refilling. Be sure not to drop it during your day to day hits. If you are sure that you can handle these quirks, then hydrology 9 is a good bargain.


Other devices that are worth taking a look at include: weed pipes for sale, a cloud vape pen that doubles as a vaporizer and a pen, and a volcano vaporizer for sale. Look for the best herbal vaporizers available for purchase as they are kind to your health. Lastly, if you’re looking for the best deals, then buy vaporizer online.

How we conduct our tests on Vaporizers


Here we don’t beat around the bush. We get down to business and explain why a specific device is noteworthy. Below are some of the features we go over:

  1. The size of the vaporizer.
  2. The capacity of the battery.
  3. The volume of the chamber.
  4. The method of heating employed.
  5. The options that are available for connectivity.

The design and the vapor quality that the weed vaporizer has to offer

Some of the key questions we pose to ourselves are:

  1. Does the device fit in our pockets?
  2. How does the vape pen feel in both your hand and mouth?
  3. Is the device generally comfortable?

After this, we investigate the most important stuff, which is the vapor quality. Here we ask ourselves the questions below:

  1. What type of temperature setting does the vaporizer utilize and how accurate are they?
  2. Is the vapor produced smooth, harsh, flavorful, or weak?
  3. Whether or not it just tastes burnt?

To get a well-rounded opinion, we’ve put the below testing system in place. The first stage involves using a reference vaporizer. We take a hit from both devices interchangeably and then note the differences. This test helps us to tease the review of vape’s advantages and disadvantages and gives us a base for comparison. The second stage involves taking a hit from the vaporizer in question and exhaling it in front of a plain background. A video is shot so that various factors can be considered.

Battery life and maintenance of the vaporizer

It is no secret that no one wants to charge their vape every day. That is the reason we take it upon ourselves to find out how many sessions a vape can give before its battery dies. We also compare our findings with the specs listed on the device’s box.

We also provide some notes on repairability. It is essential to individuals that purchase expensive vapes. Once a vape is used for a certain amount of time, there is a probability that it will stop working.


After carrying out the above tests, we give results accompanied with our verdict. The verdict is just our informed opinion about the vape.

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