Top Vaporizer Reviews

Top Vaporizer Reviews

There are many vaporizers out there, which then make it difficult to know which one to choose from them all. Your choice of vaporizer will often come down to what you need from a vaporizer and the price.

Here are some of the top vaporizers that you can get your hands on.

Top Vaporizers

1. Extreme Q

The Extreme Q is an amazing table top vaporizer that is of a high quality. This is one of the most top rated vaporizers.

You are able to adjust the temperature for the vaporizer using a digital clock. This vaporizer pins itself against the ever popular Volcano Vaporizer, but the Extreme Q comes at a lower price. The best feature of this vaporizer is that you are able to smoke from a bag or from a whip.

The Extreme Q is a great start vaporizer.

2. Volcano Vaporizer

The Volcano Vaporizer is one of the most known of all the vaporizers as it is considered to be one of the best in vaporizers.

The Volcano Vaporizer comes in digital or classic. The digital version has a temperature display, whilst the classic has a knob that needs to be turned. The Volcano Vaporizer allows you to smoke through a balloon bag. The Volcano Vaporize is known for its ease of use, performance and quality however it does come at a higher price. One of the great features is that it comes with everything that you need to get up and running.

3. Pax by Ploom

The Pax by Ploom is a nifty portable vaporizer that is able to fit into your pocket.

It has a very quick heat up time with three heat settings. It is an easy use to device which makes it perfect for vaporizing on the go. The vapor that it produces is not very strong but the fact that it is so small and discreet it can be taken everywhere.

4. Plenty

The Plenty doesn’t look like a vaporizer and in fact looks like a power tool. It has a whip draw so you are able to hit nicely with it. It is an easy to use vaporizer and the temperature can be adjusted with ease. The taste is smooth with the coiling tube and it has a nice strong vapor.

5. Silver Surfer by 7th Floor

The Silver Surfer by 7th Floor is a high quality vaporizer.

This vaporizer creates a strong vapor. You are able to find the perfect temperature with this vaporizer as the heat settings are consistent and there is variability in choice. The position of the tube and glass means that the herbs are not fully cooked, but this isn’t an issue. You are able to get your vaporizer in different colors for that personal touch.