Vapir Oxygen Review

From Vapir creators of the ‘One’ & ‘no2’ vaporizers comes the Vapir Oxygen. This bad boy was designed in America and manufactured in China. This portable vaporizer at first looks like a sort of large marker pen with a small LED screen which is nice and inconspicuous. It also has a belt clip attached to it, but I wouldn’t recommend walking about with it hanging from your belt as that would look a bit daft! The device sports two buttons, one for setting desired temperature, the other to start the heating process. It comes with a removable mouthpiece, cleaning tools, manual and various other tools. One thing that bugs me is the bulky battery pack, there are rechargeable batteries and car adapter accessories available to buy to get the most out of it but they cost extra and for a portable vaporizer it isn’t really portable. But will results make up for this?

Before the Vapir Oxygen o2 mini vaporizer can be used some preparation must be done. First of all and this applies to most/all vaporizers plug in the device and set it to its highest heat setting then leave it in a well-ventilated area to burn off any excess materials round the heating element from the manufacturing process. Once this process has finished leave the vaporizer to cool down a little while then it’s ready to be used. To use the Vapir Oxygen is simple enough, simply set heat setting; Vapir recommends between 350-375 degrees Fahrenheit for an optimum vaping temperature. It normally takes a minute to reach its required heat temperature. Activate the heat then load up your herb. Don’t fill the herb bowl past half way or pack it down to tightly as this can cause the vaporizer to overheat and will also affect the quality of the results…which we certainly don’t want to tarnish! I normally use about 0.3 grams of dried herb. Leave the device a minute, attach the mouthpiece then you are ready to inhale. It is possible to use the vaporizer without the mouthpiece but it will be a bit harsher to vape on, I certainly don’t recommend it.

Results wise I was a bit disappointed, the vapor amount and consistency is good but it seemed to lack in taste compared to similar vaporizer models. I think this could be due to the amount of plastic that’s used. Maintenance is pretty simple, just a case of removing the end and scraping out any leftover gunk, there is also tools provided to do this, please be careful when cleaning to not to damage the internal mesh. There have been some claims of the Vapir Oxygen malfunctioning, displaying the correct temperature but really it’s not heated up, don’t worry though, the Vapir Oxygen vaporizer also comes with a 90 day warranty that covers manufactures defects even though it’s manufactured overseas; also you don’t need to send it to China should you need to return it, the returns department is in California

vapir oxygen reviewTo be perfectly honest I wouldn’t really recommend this vaporizer, I don’t normally do this but this model doesn’t really seem to cut it for me. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a bad vaporizer and it also retails for a decent price but again it’s not for me!

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