When it comes to switching from tobacco cigarettes to vaping, Volcano vaporizer is a solid choice in our comparison of the best eCigs available. The Volcano Vaporizer Kit delivers good quality backed by top-notch customer service. The Volcano Kit comes in a typical magnetic flap box, adorned with the orange and red Volcano logo. It is a restrained yet appealing presentation. Inside your kit, you will a find a treasure trove of goodies, including:

Two V-batteries
One V-pack
One wall charger
One pack of five cartridges in your choice of flavors and strengths
With the introduction of The Volcano Kit, Volcano has moved to a two-piece design, eliminating the old atomizers. Two-piece models consist of nothing more than a battery and a cartridge. Volcano builds the unit’s atomizer right into the cartridge, removing the need to purchase future atomizers. Two-piece models such as Volcano’s are simply easier to maintain than the three-piece varieties.

As more and more eCigarette manufacturers delve into the world of bright and colorful batteries, The Volcano Kit keeps the decision-making process to a minimum. You have the option to select either a white battery or a black battery. While the fashion-conscious may scoff at such a paltry selection of colors, the polished black and white Volcano batteries possess an air of class and sophistication.

Flavor options abound with the Volcano eCigarette. In addition to 10 flavors of pre-filled atomizers, Volcano offers a mind-bending 29 liquid flavors, enabling you to fill your own atomizers. Familiar flavors such as tobacco and menthol come standard. You will also find more exquisitely concocted flavors, such as the candied flavors of Bonzai Banana and BlueWater Punch – a sweet mix of watermelon, blueberry and fruit punch.

We are impressed by not only the amount of vapor produced, but also by the smoothness of the vapor. Despite the gentle vapor, the Volcano eCigarette packs a substantial “throat hit” – prized by those in the eCigarette community.

Volcano provides exceptional customer service with extremely fast and friendly email correspondence from representatives who are eager to address any and all questions.

Combining a superior product line with unrivaled customer service, The Volcano Kit is the culmination of inspired design by artisans unwilling to produce anything less than the best. With only the understated black or white batteries to choose from, some people may miss the variety of colors that other eCig manufacturers offer. While the sweet flavors won’t appeal to every smoker, there is truly something for everyone with this eCig. The procession of great tasting flavors, convenient accessories and unrivaled customer service mean you are sure to enjoy The Volcano Kit for years to come.