White cloud vaporizer testimonials

Clear Draw 2 Has a fuller taste and a better draw. Great product. I have been tobacco free for a year and 3 months. Thank you White cloud. Thanks again Bill Hawkins

William Hawkins (Aug 2014)
Aug 22, 2014 4:01:10 PM
I literally went from smoking one day to vaporizer the next, never to go back to tobacco products again. I smoked tobacco products for 50 years, from the age of 14 to the age of 64. I did not find it to be a difficult transition. I have now been vaping weed vaporizer for 2 years. My health has improved 100 percent. My adult children who have never smoked have noticed it, and have commended me. What angers me the most about listening to these people on television is that they would want you to believe that vapes are the only problem that there is when it comes to children. Not alcohol, not coffee, which I’m sure all of these people partake. We are a society that has a lot of stress, and whatever helps us get through it, that doesn’t kill us, should be welcomed. All of our legal drugs have the possibility of causing death if improperly used. I commend White Cloud for helping to make me a healthier and still happy person.

Penny Klyber (Aug 2014)
Aug 21, 2014 6:45:29 PM
Took a year to find the right e cigs to help me give up tobacco. White Cloud did it. Great product, reasonably priced when you buy disposables in bulk. Tobacco free for almost one year and love the feeling good and breathing great. Family and firends are so proud of me. White Clouds have helped to save my life. Wonderful customer service too. Feeling wonderful in North Carolina

Wilma (Aug 2014)
Aug 11, 2014 6:30:53 PM
The clear draw 2 lasts much much longer than the originals. The liquid is easy to see so you can really tell how much is left.

David (Aug 2014)
Aug 7, 2014 4:05:55 PM
I am 35 and had been smoking since I was 15. I had tried to quit smoking before and just never could get very far without failing and going back to cigarettes. At the beginning of December in 2013, I’d finally had enough, I couldn’t stand the smell or cost of cigarettes, much less the health risks. I did some research and White Cloud kept coming up as one of the best companies/brands to use, so I ordered a starter kit and WOW. I was amazed. I have now been off of cigarettes for 8 months and I’m so happy about it! I’m so glad I made the decision to stop smoking cigarettes and to use White Cloud. Recently, I did a little experiment and tried to smoke a regular cigarette just to see what it was like after being off of them. YUCK! I got one puff and gagged and threw it out! It was disgusting! I prefer my White Cloud any day over those nasty things. Thank you White Cloud. You are truly an amazing company with amazing employees who are very kind and helpful. I recommend you guys all the time to others who are trying to stop using cigarettes and those who use a different brand/type of E-cig. Folks, I never write reviews unless a product just blows me out of the water, and these products are the BEST available. In my opinion, all companies should strive to provide the excellence this company does. Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart for helping me achieve my goals in becoming cigarette free and much healthier in the process.

Mandy L (Aug 2014)
Aug 5, 2014 9:56:16 PM
This is about Great Customer Service! I have called & and been on chat, And all i can say is what a great bunch of people! I wish all companys were this way! Thanks to Brianna T. Cassandra & Bob! Thanks for a great product LOVE IT! Ray Carson…

Ray Carson (Aug 2014)
Aug 5, 2014 11:48:41 AM
Great product. I haven’t smoked since January 27, 2014. I do like the ClearDraw2 cartridges, but wish I could have the best of both worlds — the heavier hit of smoke but have the soft tip. I also like the larger window to see the fluid.

Claudia Gray (Aug 2014)
Aug 4, 2014 6:18:52 PM
I’m a big fan of the new ClearDraw2. I’m not sure if the actual ingredients have changed, but I much prefer the new to the old. No more burnt flavors at the end, and generally cleaner/fresher taste. Great job.

Matt (Aug 2014)
Aug 4, 2014 11:08:20 AM
After trying Clear Draw 2 cartridges, I’m sold! So far I’ve tried strawberry & peach pit. They have more flavor & last longer than the regular cartridges. Great job White Cloud!

Natalie DeBonis (Aug 2014)
Aug 1, 2014 8:21:24 PM
The new Clear Draw 2 product is fantastic. IMO it has a smoother draw and the cartridges last longer. White Cloud has always had the best product on the market and they just improved!

Joe Partain (Aug 2014)
Aug 1, 2014 1:47:59 PM