airvape legacy

AirVape’s new flagship vaporizer has finally landed in my mailbox and I can’t wait to give you all the juicy details.

First impressions first:

I thought Airvape is going to go in the other direction with its vapes, namely smaller, especially since they have been at the forefront of the less sizable but more portable units so I was a bit surprised to find that the Legacy is bulkier than Airvape X.

 This bit of weight gain (although a bit disadvantageous in regard to my pants pockets) seems to be due to it being a more technologically sophisticated machine.

The box is also somewhat unusual with a double layered cover that when rotated shows an optical illusion.

 The vegan leather and hemp textile part of the design while seeming a weird choice on a vape at first, after I started using it became my favorite part.

Never really thought about it this way but it sort of makes sense for a handheld device to be made of materials that are pleasant to the touch. I even started to wonder how if they’ll consider selling a phone case that matches.

 But all jokes aside the color combination and the materials used, all give off a luxury-device feel especially with the golden logo.

Now let’s open it up and take a closer look.

The inside:

First off, I love that the whole faceplate can be opened, everything is just so much more accessible this way and a huge plus on this Airvape is the interchangeable battery. Super useful, kudos to Airvape. 

The heating chamber is also gold plated plus they give you a golden micro-dosing basket. A leprechaun would definitely hide this vape at the end of a rainbow. A little packing tool is also discretely attached. 


Heats up in about 20-30 seconds after which it does indeed what it’s meant to do. Produces great tasting, thick vapors and does it without ever over-heating.

With the Airvape Legacy you will not need a phone app (which I think is a plus) and it has the same incremental temperature control as the X. As an added function they introduced an on-demand vaping option that can be useful to you depending on your style of vaping.

Final thoughts: 

Airvape Legacy is a good investment for an active vaper. It is more expensive than some starter vapes, but it does meet all requirements for a professional unit.

A good looking vape with very good battery life, nice draw, and good vapor production.

I would definitely recommend it for veteran vapers and even for noobs that can afford it and are willing to invest in a top shelf product.