Undoubtedly, Arizer Solo 2 and Firely 2 plus are among the best portable vapors available in the market.

They have a few similarities, while a comparison of their features shows that both possess some distinctive features as well.

Vapor quality


Thanks to the on-demand convection heating, Firefly 2 plus produces vapors with outstanding quality.

Arguably, the vapors produced by Firefly 2 are comparable to desktop vaporizers such as Crafty and Mighty.

This portable vapor comes with the automatic heating system, and it keeps the flavor excellent for longer since you actually vaporizing the herb while drawing.

On the other hand, Arizer Solo 2 produces an outstanding vapor. Flavorful and smooth vapors keep coming out long after other units would have stopped.

The heating control system of Arizer Solo 2 gives it an advantage over Firefly 2 plus.

You need to use an app to set the temperature of Firefly 2. Whereas, temperature settings of Arizer allow you to change the temperature in one-degree increments.

In terms of vapor quality and efficiency, both portable vapes are excellent. With either of these, you would get the top vapor product, and you can’t go wrong.

Ease of use

The short battery life of Firefly 2, together with the use of an app to change temperature settings, can prove cumbersome. On the other hand, Arizer Solo comes with buttons that allow easy manipulation of temperature settings. In the final analysis, Arizer Solo is somewhat superior to Fireplay in terms of ease of use.


When it comes to portability, Firefly 2 outperforms the Solo 2. Many of the vapor enthusiasts may find Solo 2’s glass stem a little inconvenient to carry around. Sometimes, it feels unhandy to carry on this extra part with a high risk of breakage.

As mentioned earlier, the battery life of Firefly 2 is horrendous. The battery that Arizer Solo 2 comes with can power the vaporizer for three hours, it compensates for the hassle of carrying a glass stem.

If battery time is more important to you, then Arizer Solo 2 with a much longer battery life has more portability. On the other hand, if you weigh carrying convenience high, then Firefly 2 is a clear winner.


On this parameter, Firefly 2 performs really well. The on-demand heating feature of Firefly 2 allows you to get a good draw of vapor in a 10-second window. Particularly, when you are out there in public, you would love how quickly you can take a single draw.

The glass stem of Arizer Solo 2 holds it back to becoming a perfect discrete unit. For most people, Solo 2 is “at home” portable.

Temperature flexibility

You can adjust the temperature setting of Firefly 2 to specific levels, but you need to use an app to accomplish it. Whereas Solo 2 allows you to change the temperature settings from the device itself, which is more convenient.

This convenient temperature adjustment enables Solo 2 to outperform Firefly 2 in temperature flexibility.

Final words

Both of these vaporizers are top portable devices and produce high-quality vapors. However, keeping in view the above discussion, Arizer Solo offers an overall better user experience.

The flexible and convenient temperature settings and longer battery life help Arixer Solo 2 to distinguish from other portable units.

Though Solo 2 is better overall, yet there are good reasons to buy Firefly 2. The flavor quality is its major strength of Firefly 2, while on-demand heating is a cool feature that adds to the attraction of this device.