420, pronounced as four-twenty, is slang a term in the cannabis culture, which refers to the consumption of cannabis around the time 4:20 PM and also is a cannabis-oriented celebration that takes place annually on April 20 only.

On this day, many smokers gather around in different locations and light up their joints in celebration for the special “weed” day as one unit.

Since cannabis has become legal in many states, the usage has drastically increased. To make smoking it, more comfortable products such as vape are common amongst users. The reason for this; carrying weed around and rolling a joint is a hassle, which not many favor now.

Other than that, the effects of vaping are much stronger, resulting in a better high. So if you’re planning on buying yourself a vape, then we have got information regarding a product that you’ll surely love.

Introducing the thinnest vaporizer in the market today, the Airvape X, and the tiny Nano Plus. These are a must-buy product if you’re looking for something that doesn’t burn out too quickly when smoking cannabis. Perfect in size and built with the highest grade of materials.

Continue reading this article as we’ll discuss the best vaporizer in the market today in more detail.

AirVape X

This product is light and elegant. It also gives you the heating technology you require. Branded best portable herb vaporizer of 2019 surely meant something and was given to them for a reason. Out of 46 other brands, the AirVape X stood out with its amazing features.

The AirVape X uses a blend of conduction and convection technology to achieve the best level of heating in only a few seconds. This product is a well-crafted vaporizer that is easy to carry around in your pocket too. It is also compatible with concentrating the oil with its concentration pads that come with it.

The reason for this vape’s success is that it is highly reliable, and its functions are the best in the market.

The Airvape also has a variety of accessories for you to choose from to make your experience even better. Some of these accessories are as follows:

  • Water bong
  • Wooden Mouthpiece
  • Wireless Charger

The Hippie Vaporizers

Another vape brand that is on the market for producing excellent quality vapes that are good and perfect in size are the Hippie Vaporizers. They have multiple products for you to choose from, and the latest introduction to their product list is the Nano Plus. Here are some of the features that make this vape so good.

  • Small in size, easy to handle, and you’re able to keep it on you at all times.
  • It has a Micro USB charging point, thus making charging easier just for you.
  • Easy to control, one-button system.
  • It comes with a 500 mAh battery. Meaning your vape is going to last longer than you expect it to.

It’s known as the super tiny CBD vape because of its perfect size that just simply makes it easier to control, handle, and carry around.

The Hippie vaporizers too come with accessories that are perfect for you and your vape. Here’s a list of the items you can buy along with their vapes:

  • Concentrate cup for Rebel
  • The Hippie Grinder
  • Ceramic heating chamber along with a replacement glass
  • 2 pack replacement magnetic adapters


Next time you plan on buying a vape that can give you that true experience of CBD you are looking for, don’t hesitate to give these above mentioned a try. You surely won’t regret it, and every moment is going to feel unique.