Crafty plus and DaVinci iq2 are among the two most popular vaporizers. However, there is one that suits most to your needs.

In the following lines, we walk you through the critical features of the Crafty Plus and the DaVinci IQ 2 vaporizers. Covering all the pros and cons that are part of these two famous brands, this comparison would enable you to determine a device that better suits your vaping needs.

DaVinci IQ 2

Build quality/ aesthetics

Crafty plus is manufactured by Storz & Bickel, a famous manufacturer known for its prestigious designs and advanced material products. The hard plastic made outer shell is easy to grip and best feel.

The durability and functionality concerns seem to play a central role in designing the Crafty plus. Consequently, the product is very durable, easy to hold, and operate.

On the other hand, DaVinci IQ 2 manufactured with attention to the details, as well as advanced material is durable and aesthetically appealing. The sleek design and compact outer shell give DaVinci IQ 2 an edge over the Crafty plus.

Heating method

Involving hybrid heating that combines convection and conduction, the Crafty plus creates heat all-over, allowing users to make most out of every session.

The DaVinci IQ 2 boasts a conduction heating system. Coming with a ceramic oven, the conduction heating of DaVinci IQ 2 works really well with dry herb.

In terms of heating method, Crafty Plus fitted with a hybrid heating system outperforms the DaVinci IQ 2.

Ease of use

DaVinci IQ 2 can be used on its own or with the help of an app. It includes several heating modes and styles that require some time to getting used to them.

DaVinci opted for a light grid display instead of a digital display, despite, this style is attractive, it makes it difficult to read in the bright lighting.

The crafty also comes with an app, but it offers only a few styles and modes as compared to IQ. It allows users to choose two temperatures at a time.

The app allows you to make adjustments between a base level and a boost level.

Marginally, Crafty wins on this parameter because of its ability to deliver quality vapors with minimum fuss.


The IQ with 3.5” x 1.65” is an ultra-smart vaporizer that offers so much functionality. To improve its portability further, the IQ comes with a removable 18650 battery. It allows you to carry more power with you on the go. This feature makes IQ as one of the best devices as far as portability goes.

The Crafty is also portable but not as much as the IQ is. With 4.3” x 2.2” and is a little over an inch deep, it is bigger than IQ in every measure.

Battery life

The Crafty has a small battery that is hard to remove, yet it is not as convenient in carrying as the IQ. Therefore, DaVinci IQ 2 has a clear edge over the Crafty Plus when it comes to portability.

As mentioned earlier, IQ is powered by a removable 3500mAh 18650 battery. It can power the IQ for about an hour of continuous use. By investing in a second battery, you can ensure you never need to worry about the power of your device.

On the other hand, Crafty comes with an internally fitted battery with a short life. Probably, limited power time is one of the major concerns of users with Crafty plus.

The battery can power the Crafty for only 45 minutes of continuous use, which is clearly on a short side. Further, the internally fitted battery makes it difficult to replace, when it fails.