How do you use a dry herb vaporizer


Your dry herbs can be taken with much more ease and safety through a dry herb vaporizer. It is a device that gets dry cannabis flowers heated up so as to produce a vapor that has plant material.When the dry herbs are heating up, the aroma…

Pax 3 vape review

The Pax 3 has a sleek design with an LED interface that displays the heating level. There are four heat settings to choose from, and also offers precision temperature control. It's 50% lighter and 33% smaller than the Pax 2, making it the most…
grasshopper vape

Grasshoppers Vaporizer

Vaporizers have become very popular and can be found in most homes. They are the perfect way to create a vapor that will kill the weed and grass that are growing in your yard or patio. A weed vaporizer is very similar to a vaporizer but…
airvape legacy

AirVape Legacy Review

AirVape's new flagship vaporizer has finally landed in my mailbox and I can't wait to give you all the juicy details.First impressions first:I thought Airvape is going to go in the other direction with its vapes, namely…

Vape it or Smoke it?

The Ultimate Joints vs Vaporizers

Difference Between A Wax Pen – Vape Pen – Dab Pen

What started as a way to quit cigarette smoking, has turned to a recreational activity. Nicotine Vaping paved the way for others to follow. Today, you can vape CBD, THC, and vitamins. If you are new to the world of vaping, you might have heard…