The Ultimate Joints vs Vaporizers

There are a lot of ways one can enjoy cannabis and get the hit that is needed to listen to your neighbor telling you all about his bird watching conundrums. Inhaling cannabis in different ways will yield different results.

Stealthy and Discreteness

There are a lot of people who are still looking down on cannabis and vaporizers. Vaporizing cannabis, still being discreet and keeping it under the radar. The Vapour will not leave a smell in your clothing and the fabrics around you and the vapor will dissipate fast.

Smoking cannabis will result in burning plant matter and burning the plant matter will leave your clothes smelly and everyone around you knowing that you have smoked cannabis with the smell of burnt cannabis smoke clouds around you.

If You want to be stealthy and discrete, definitely vaporizing Cannabis is the way to go.

Ease of Use

This one speaks for itself as burning cannabis in a peace pipe, small bong or in a joint is faster, more efficient, and easier. There is nothing to charge and scrub when smoking cannabis.

All you need is a lighter preferably and a method of choice. That is, it, yes when making a joint you will need a little bit of time to roll it but on the other hand you do not need to clean any apparatus. A peace pipe is probably the most efficient if you were to be in a pickle or at granny’s house.

With the vaporizer, you will need to ensure that it is charged and to charge it after use. But leaving it charging on the coffee table can result in that grandma, might think it is a remote for the tele. After using the vaporizer, it needs to be cleaned thoroughly to prevent bad odor and taste when using it later.

The primitive way to smoke cannabis is the clear winner here.

Health Wise

The most important factor to consider, Vaporizers is the healthiest way to inhale cannabis. While smoking cannabis it still stays plant matter just like the tobacco in cigarettes. It creates tar and other carcinogens.

Also vaping can cause more harm if you were to buy the cheapest line as some are produced in China and other countries that have minimal regulation and oversight of the product being engineered and or even created. That some of them can contain toxic glue and other materials or even heavy metals which can be off gassed at high temperatures and inhaled by the user.

That said, there are plenty of reputable manufacturers in the marketplace, and the challenge is finding a vaporizer (especially a portable one) made with quality parts. So basically, stick  to ceramic or titanium heating elements. The vaporization gives you all the good stuff and very little of the bad. Vaping is clearly the healthier choice.

The Flavor and The Lingering taste

The largest downside to smoking and vaping cannabis is the fact that each hit degrades the quality of the flavor itself.

The flavor of smoking of course varies depending on the type of strain and the growing skill of cannabis. Overall, the smoke is very thick and apparent, giving the flavor a better chance of hitting its mark for most cannabis users.

Vaporize the oils rather than raw flowers. As the flavor is a good concentrate and will be much more flavorsome, than you will ever see with regular weed. Many users complain about the aftertaste vaporizers can have if they are not kept clean. Keep it clean and ensure the best possible flavor sensation.

The Hit Itself

Vaporizing your cannabis, the effects do not last as long as smoking cannabis. On top of that If your vaporizer is not adjusted to the right temperature, you will get a wimpy hit and if the temperature is too high you will get a much stronger hit but unfortunately, you will offer up some or quite a lot of the flavor.

Vaping cannabis can give you a strong hit if you were to compare it to smoking cannabis. Do not be afraid to spend that extra dollar or two to save you more time on charging the vape itself and wasting cannabis to try to get a stronger hit.

Vape or Smoke cannabis?

Vaping cannabis is the clear winner. Unless you are a heavy cannabis smoker who prefers the burning smell and taste of the plant matter being set alight. Vaporizing Cannabis has out weighted the pros against smoking cannabis.

Why is it better?

It is overall, healthier, cheaper, more discreet, and much more. The only time I would suggest you smoke cannabis ,is if you were not to have the right equipment to vaporize it due to health risks that are involved and also the struggle with cheap vape devices that will make it a big turn off and can turn out more costly.